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March 05
What Happened to SkyDrive?

Nothing really…. the name is just changing to OneDrive.  Microsoft announced around the end of January 2014, that SkyDrive as we have all known it, will become OneDrive.  This change can already be seen in SharePoint 2013 O365 environments.  For SharePoint 2013 on premise installations, the new change will appear after the install of Service Pack 1 which was released in February of this year.   

Microsoft irrevocably did not want to concede to the name change however, was ultimately placed in a position with limited  options.  The new OneDrive name does appear to be a good fit though with the services overall marketing strategy and true purpose.  OneDrive is being driven home still as a one stop storage shop in the cloud, that can be accessed from anywhere.  This was the same overall purpose and functionality of SkyDrive, but with the original name the purpose didn’t always seem to convey easily for users. 

With the launch of OneDrive, Microsoft has also helped clarify the services actual intention based on the storage location for users.  Now there is a little clearer separation in OneDrive for Business and simply OneDrive for personal usage.  With SkyDrive Pro there wasn’t always a really clear division between business versus personal, at least for those of us whom use this storage and share service in several instances.

The main difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is the overall governing body in control and the actual storage location of a users’ content. 

OneDrive is the personal storage that a user gets with a Microsoft or Outlook account.  With OneDrive the user can expand the capacity, has full control over whom can view content, decide what content can be stored, etc.

With OneDrive for Business the storage space is granted in conjunction with the users business account.  In contrast to the personal storage the business services storage capacity and overall capabilities are completely controlled by the organization.  The intended purpose of OneDrive for Business is focused around the utilization for sharing and storing organizational documentation.    

For more information on OneDrive or OneDrive for Business from Microsoft, please visit any of the resources listed below:


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