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March 17
How "Green" Is Your SharePoint Environment?

Today is the day and age of content overload.  This definitely was one of the themes at this year’s Microsoft SharePoint Conference.  While at the conference, I heard (from Agnes Molnar, a SharePoint MVP and presenter) that the average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day.

With the average length of a novel being 64,531 words, that really seems like a lot of information.  Wow! We actually receive a novel’s worth of information in a day – how can we possibly take that in?  We can’t.  But as Content Owners, we can help manage the content that our staff, customers and partners need to receive.

Here are 3 ways that SharePoint can help with content overload making your SharePoint environment ‘Green’.

REDUCE via Document Retention


Reduce the amount of content and only share what is needed most – more is NOT better!  This can be done by using information management policies. An information management policy is a set of rules for a type of content.  An information management policy feature could specify how long a type of content should be retained, or it could provide document auditing. Information management policies enable you to control who can access your organizational information, what they can do with it, and how long the information should be retained.

REUSE via Search


Use search to cleverly deliver the content where it is needed most which could mean multiple locations.  This can be done by using Content Search Web Parts.  The Content Search Web Part utilizes search queries to display current content dynamically throughout a web site.  By using CSWP, site/content owners don't need to update each page where content would apply, they can simply create search queries and allow search to do the work to keep content pages up to date.  For example, an article could have a sidebar that would display events and other articles similar to the article being read - all using CSWP.  This is a great way to reuse content and bring the most relevant data to the user's attention

RECYCLE via Business Intelligence


Quickly expose the most important data in a visual presentation where the information can be consumed and actions can be taken! This can be done by utilizing basic Business Intelligence tools. Avoid making stakeholders read through endless reports to find the data necessary to make quick decisions.  Instead, pull the data into a dashboard or BI Report so that the latest data is displayed visually in bar charts, pie charts or on maps.  Taking advantage of business intelligence is another efficient way to recycle content and reduce content overload.

More to come soon on Document Retention and Search - see earlier blogs for more information on Business Intelligence or consider attending an upcoming BI webinar or two day course in the next two weeks. 


Final Note: We can no longer blame the tools or the technology when our users can’t find what they are looking for, WE must be accountable.  Document Retention, Search and Business Intelligence tools can be configured using out of the box SharePoint and do not require any third party products or code.





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