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May 28
You’ve Got Style(s)! Quick Tips For Using Internet Explorer Developer Tools To Reveal Page Styles

Every once in a while, there’s just something that you have to know about a website. What color is catching your attention?  What is the font family? Or perhaps what is the font size?

Tools built into Internet Explorer will tell you this information and much more. So, if you have an inquiring mind, I have six easy steps to show you the answers to your questions.

First, visit the page you wish to know something more about.

Second, select SHIFT & F12 on your keyboard simultaneously and the tool appears on the bottom of your screen.

Third, select the cursor for it to become indented. The appearance of the cursor should visually change. 

Fourth, with your cursor, select the component of your page that you want to trace a style. In this example the selected component is “SharePoint makes it possible. Protiviti makes it happen.”


Fifth, look at the tool’s right window for “Style” and “Trace Styles.” Quick tip: Anything crossed out doesn’t apply to your selection.

Sixth, select “Trace Styles.” You now are displaying the specific styles for “SharePoint makes it possible. Protiviti makes it happen.”

You’ve done it! You now can see everything you wanted to know for “SharePoint makes it possible. Protiviti makes it happen.” Use this tip to visit your favorite sites to generate ideas for your own Intranet or public facing website.


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