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August 14
PM Tips: Site Content & Structure
Errant documents, they exist in every site. No matter how hard we try, end users become confused about where to upload documents, the document management structure changes or human error places documents in the wrong location. The SharePoint Site Content & Structure functionality gives site owners a quick and easy way to view your site hierarchy and move content seamlessly within your site. Let’s get started - Select, click, move and done!

1. Select

To begin access the settings icon and "site settings."

From Site Administration select "Content and Structure."
Now, you are viewing a tree like structure for your SharePoint site with the name of your site at the very top of the tree. On the left are your sites and their related apps such as lists and libraries.

Left side view:
Right side view:

To begin the right side view is a mirror of your apps. Note your site name is displayed at the top.
nora8.26.4.PNG From the left side tree structure, find the location that you wish to reorganize your documents. In this example, I am selecting the Documents Library which exposes a series of folders within the library.
Once selected from the left side tree view, the content of the library becomes visible on the right side. Within the library, you’ll notice several documents that are not in folders. The goal is to have no documents outside of the folder structure.
2. Click
To start moving documents, select the checkbox next to your documents and from the Actions menu, select "Move." nora8.26.7.PNG
3. Move
Once you have selected your documents and enabled the move command, a dialog box will appear to confirm where you want your selected documents to go. In this example below, I have selected the Design Document folder as the destination.
Once the destination is selected, you will see a message that your move operation is in progress including the total number of objects that are moving.
4. Done
When your move operation completes, your view will be of your Document library. Notice now there are no longer any documents outside of the folders.
nora8.26.10.PNGBy selecting the Design Documents folder, you can see that the documents you moved are now present.
This example, with a small quantity of documents, shows the potential for the Site Content & Structure feature to handle much larger volumes of documents. With large project initiatives, a project manager could literally have hundreds or thousands of documents to manage. Sorting on "modified date" or "modified by" or "title" can quickly help you identify out of place documents and move them to where they belong.
Select, Click, Move and you are done!


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About Nora Ten Broeck: Nora is a SharePoint enthusiast and expert-in-the-making with interests in collaboration, project management and improved business processes. Follow her @NoraTenBroeck.

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