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October 07
October, Charting, and SharePoint 2013

In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein the creature cries out “Cursed, cursed, creator!  Why did I live?”

If the Chart Web Part could talk it may have uttered the above line.  It DOES live on in SharePoint 2013, on premise AND 365!

The Chart Web Part was created by Microsoft and you could get it with SharePoint 2010.  It is a GREAT web part introduction to get your clients doing BI now.  It's simple, has a wizard, and works with a multitude of data sources creating a multitude of reports.

Then Microsoft took the web part for a “ride” and now it’s GONE from SharePoint 2013! 

But not really.  See how to get it back in this simple blog post. Here are the steps:

1. You need the chart.webpart file.  There are two ways to get this.  One is to download it from my blog here.  Rename the downloaded file to "Chart" then go to Step 2.

The other way is to export the web part from a SharePoint 2010 enterprise install.

If you need to export the web part, the first thing you need to do is enable the web part to export.  Do this by editing the web part.  Change the Export mode to Export all data.

 This will now present you with the ability to export the web part.
2.  The next step is to go into your 2013 environment and upload the web part.
 You do this through the Browse and upload.  Once the web part is put on the page it looks just like it should.  See this in my 365 instance:

Here is the Frankenstein part.  When you click on Data & Appearance to modify the web part you will see the following:


Don’t fear, don’t be disgusted, and pick up a pitchfork.  The customizing still works.  The only issue is visual because the web part was written for 2010, it does not know how to render the 2013 ribbon.

Good Luck and Happy Charting!

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