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January 05
PM Tips: Hack a Gantt Chart in SharePoint 2013

Let’s face it, not everyone loves Microsoft Project nor has the resources to widely use Microsoft Project Professional 2013 which has great sync a MPP file with SharePoint 2013 capabilities. Leveraging a standard SharePoint Calendar with a specific Gantt Chart View can give you an easily manageable Gantt chart in no time with the benefits of managing your Gantt through the simplicity of a single calendar.

Hack the calendar

First, add a “Gantt Category” to your calendar. Why do this? Because you want to be able to filter out your Gantt timeline from your regular calendar. Put as many events on the calendar you’d like with the ability to select out your Gantt items.

Select your calendar from the left side navigation, next select Calendar from the tab followed by List Settings. Within list settings, navigate to Columns and find Category and select it. From Category find the “choices” available and type in Gantt. Save your work by selecting OK at the bottom of the page. 


Create a Gantt Chart View

First navigate back to your calendar as you did in step one above and next repeat step two by selecting “Calendar” from the tab choices. Now, the calendar options are displayed for you.


First select “Manage Views” followed by “Create View.” 


 From the “view type options select “Gantt View”


Now start to set up this designated Gannt View. First, give your view a name and second, select the intended audience type.


Select the following Column Names to Display by selecting “Display” next to the Column Name: Start Time, End Time, Recurrence, Event Type and Title. Order them with the “Position from Left” column in the order presented below. 


Select columns to support the Gantt View. In this example “Title” is associated with “Title,” “Start Date” is associated with “Start Time” (Remember, we’re hacking the calendar…) and “Due Date” is associated with “End Time.” 


Establish a filter to show items only with a Category equal to Gannt.

When you’ve made your selections – save your work by selecting Ok at the very top, or very bottom of this page


Create project related items on the calendar

Add your project related activities and their durations to the calendar as calendar events. Select Gantt as the category and save the event. 


Admire your work          

From the calendar menu select the Hack a Gantt view. 


And here is your Gantt chart! 


By making one simple change to a standard calendar category you have hacked a simple Gantt chart that takes no special skills or software to maintain. This creates as easy-to-adopt project management tool that provides timeline visibility.


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About Nora Ten Broeck, PMP, MOS: SharePoint 2013: Nora is a SharePoint enthusiast with interests in engagement management, improved business processes and Nintex. Follow her @NoraTenBroeck


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