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January 26
Great SharePoint Finds from the Web

Admittedly my SharePoint mind lately has been a bit “all over the place.” Like many of us, I’m trying to get my head around everything that’s there, and keep pace with all that’s coming. It can be overwhelming, for sure.

For just that reason I’m dedicating this blog to my most recent “Great Finds” – things I came across on the internet while researching various aspects of SharePoint that I now, cannot live without …


Yeah. I’ve been on the migration train lately. We have clients requesting migration plans, editors looking for articles about migration tools, demos galore – you get the idea.  What I really wanted last week though, was a handy, concise, comparison of the top SharePoint migration tools out there. Surely, it existed … enter Great Find No. 1:

Alex Dove you are my hero.

What’s even better, though, is that this document is now pretty much crowd sourced. Reps from the migration tool companies, as well as big power users, are commenting, expanding and constantly updating the feature list. Alex keeps it up to date and posts new versions, frequently.

Office 365

It changes daily. Really. So how can anyone keep up with what’s going on and plan for the future? Bookmark the Roadmap, and listen to this gem of a podcast. Sure the Office 365 Dev Podcast can get a bit techy for those of us firmly planted in the Power User arena, but the content is up-to-the-minute and the hosts always bring the discussion full circle.

Oldies, but Goodies

I’ve come across this before; they’ve been around for a while, but are updated occasionally. This time, however, I remembered to bookmark it: SharePoint 2013 Planning Worksheets (these are only a few, many more scattered throughout this site). It might seem like I’m trying to put myself out of a job here, but really, we get requests all the time for planning worksheets and these are a great place to start the work. Anytime I’m building a client-specific solution I start by using something Microsoft provided (if I can find it!), and then we build on the solution from that foundation.


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