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March 13
Quick Tip: How to Deactivate the Site Contents View on Mobile O365 Sites

So you have just visited your Office 365 site on your new iPhone 6 Plus. Instead of viewing your amazing new design, you see something that looks like this:

What happened to the beautiful design? Where is it?

Well, if you click the ellipses at the bottom right, there is an option to “Switch to PC View.” This works great, but it’s an extra step that can cause confusion if you’ve never heard of the “Mobile Browser View.”

Thankfully, there is a remedy for this and it’s a simple fix, but depending on how many sub-sites you have in your Office 365 environment, can be a bit confusing.

To view your site on mobile devices, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Site Actions” (the gear) then “Site Settings”

2. Under the heading “Site Actions” click the link “Manage Site Features”

3. Scroll down until you see “Mobile Browser View” then click “Deactivate”

4. You will get a warning message stating you are about to deactivate a feature. Click “Deactivate this Feature” to finish the process.

5. The page will refresh to the Manage Site Features list. Scroll down to double check that the feature successfully deactivated. You will NOT see a blue “Active” box to the right if the feature has been successfully deactivated.

This feature is activated for each sub-site that is created, so if you are still seeing the Site Contents menu when going to your site, the feature needs to be deactivated on other sub-sites. Unfortunately there is no way to globally deactivate this feature (at least easily).

Good luck deactivating!

Lindsey Eom is a Senior Consultant and User Interface Designer for Protiviti. She loves all things UXD and is currently in a Master’s program at Kent State University to learn more about her passion.​​

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