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April 20
SharePoint 101: File Sync from SharePoint to Outlook

If you're new to SharePoint or need a quick refresher, this quick tutorial will walk you through the process of syncing a file from SharePoint to Outlook. This shortcut will allow you the ability to view and edit documents that have been saved to the SharePoint site directly from your Outlook without accessing the SharePoint site.

Process Steps:

Step 1: Launch the SharePoint site.


Step 2: Click on the file folder that you would like to sync to your Outlook.  Below, the “Contract Management Documents” link is the location of files for syncing. 


Step 3: Click on the “Library” link and then click on “Connect to Outlook”


Step 4: Click “Allow”


Step 5: Click “Yes”


Step 6: A new file folder will appear in Outlook on the left-hand menu bar.


 You can now view all documents that appear in the SharePoint folder within Outlook.

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