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April 24
SharePoint 101: Sending SharePoint Documents Links via Email


In this blog post we'll provide a brief tutorial on how to send SharePoint documents via links within an email rather than sending the document in an email attachment.  

Here are a few quick tips before we get started:

      ·         Reduce the size of the email content allowing you to send emails faster (think of those massive emails that grind email receipt to a halt…especially when accessing your email via WiFi).

      ·         Avoid overloading the size of your Outlook (i.e. if your Outlook has a size limit, this will reduce the number of times you receive those Outlook emails stating “Your mailbox is almost full”)

      ·         Allow one master document to be shared so multiple versions of the same document are not sent over email.

 Process Steps


Step 1: Launch the SharePoint site.


Step 2: Scroll down and locate a file that you need to share via email


Step 3: Right-click on the document and select “Copy shortcut”


Step 4: Open an email and paste (Ctrl-V) the link into an email.

Individuals who receive the email will be able to click on the link, open the document and view/edit the document on a central SharePoint site.​

Quick Launch

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