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June 02
SharePoint Quick Tip: Updating Views

Views are intended to be flexible for the end user and dynamic to meet the changing needs of our organizations. When you need to update a view follow these steps:

      1.       From within a list or library identify the item you no longer wish to display in the View. In this example, it is the “SOW Questions” column that I wish to remove.


      2.       From the library ribbon select “Library” to expose the menu


      3.       From the Library Menu select “Manage Views”


      4.       Since we are working with the “Current View” select “Modify View”


      5.       From within the View Settings deselect the column you wish to exclude from display under the “Display” heading and select OK.


      6.       The View is updated and does not display the heading of “SOW Questions” any longer. 


Would you like to include a column in your view? Repeat the steps and select the column you’d like to display underneath the “Display” heading and select OK.


About Nora Ten Broeck, PMP, MOS: SharePoint 2013: Nora is a SharePoint enthusiast with interests in engagement management, improved business processes and Nintex. Follow her @NoraTenBroeck


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