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June 02
SharePoint Quick Tip: Map a Network Drive

We all look for ways to make our day-to-day document management responsibilities a bit easier. Try mapping a network drive to SharePoint to increase the efficient ways that you interact with documents. Why would you want to try this? Read on!

Why map it?

By mapping a network drive you can perform the following functions:

1.       Drag and drop files or folders into the mapped drive on your desktop and have those documents synced to a SharePoint library

2.       Manage files from either SharePoint or the mapped drive. “Manage” means adding, updating, changing, or deleting files.

3.       Use SharePoint version control if enabled within the SharePoint Library settings.

4.       Leverage SharePoint search from either SharePoint or the mapped drive

5.       Maintain SharePoint Security – you’ll still need to authenticate to the mapped drive.


How to map it

In a few simple steps you can map a network drive. First, navigate to your computer and select “Map Network Drive.”


Second, select “Connect to a website that you can use to store your documents or pictures.”


This process initialized the “Add Network Location Wizard.” Step three, is to select next. 


Step four is to select “Choose a custom network location” and select next. 


Step five is to add the location of your website. Make it easy on yourself, copy and paste the location from your Internet browser and select next. 


Step six can be optional if you prefer – give your network a location a friendly name. If you opt not to do this the web address will display. And of course, select next. 


To bring this process to a close, step seven calls for you to complete the process by selecting “Finish.” If you want the location to open by default, make sure you check that option. 

You will now see your newly mapped location by navigating back to your Computer. 


About Nora Ten Broeck, PMP, MOS: SharePoint 2013: Nora is a SharePoint enthusiast with interests in engagement management, improved business processes and Nintex. Follow her @NoraTenBroeck

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