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July 10
Quick Tip: Print Documents in SharePoint!

SharePoint wasn’t really set up for printing of documents.  While there are 3rd party add-ons, due to multiple document printing, printing a single document can be a daunting task since there is no “Print” button available. 

The following steps will serve as a simple guide for quickly and easily printing a document in SharePoint. 

Working in conjunction with the Office Web Apps which allow you to access files from any computer or device, printing takes on a whole new meaning!

1. Start by clicking on the ellipsis or (…) to the right of the document.  This will open another menu which will also show a preview of the document. 


      2. Within the Office Web Apps preview screen there is another menu item with a dropdown.  Look for the following symbol and click on the arrow:


      3.This will open a menu with the option to Print to PDF:


      4.The system will then create a PDF of the document.  This is hidden behind the scenes and won’t necessarily download anything to your computer.  When it’s ready to view, you will see a message like this:


      5. Select the Click here link

Another browser will open with a preview of the document to be printed along with the print screen.  


      6. Select the appropriate print options.  When ready, click Print.  

      7. Close the PDF browser when finished.

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