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June 28
How Delve is About You

​Office 365 is an excellent product. I like to call it “Online SharePoint” because, well, that’s what it is. There is a new addition to Office 365 that is changing the way users manage time. It’s called Delve. A dictionary defines delve as “reach[ing] inside a receptacle and search[ing] for something,” and actually, this is pretty close to what Microsoft has created in their new tool.

Delve utilizes search in a magnificent way. It allows the system to pull back information solely related to the user. It learns about the user by searching the calendar, contacts, social network, documents, and much more…then it rolls up items that the user need to see. The look and feel is reminiscent of a Pinterest board (see image below) so not only is the functionality there, the look and feel is streamlined as well.

With Delve, a company can work more efficiently because when users log into the intranet, the content they need to see is immediately viewable. They don’t have to click into a calendar to see events they must attend. They don’t have to search through hundreds of documents to find the HR form for a 401K because Delve (more specifically, the search behind Delve, Office Graph) already knows they will need it.
Some may think that Delve knowing what they need before they need it is a bit…unsettling. It’s not! Delve knows because it knows you. Because Delve has the ability to search through your documents, contacts, emails, etc., it learns about you then helps you manage your life! Sure, it may take a little time to get used to a computer knowing what someone likes to see, but in time, it helps users manage time more efficiently and get work done faster. By having the content a user needs at their fingertips, Delve introduces a new way of working.

How do you get Delve? Easy…just subscribe to Office 365. It’s included in whatever package you decide to purchase, whether it be a monthly subscription for a personal account or an Enterprise subscription for a large corporation.

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