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August 24
How to use SharePoint Web Services Anonymously in InfoPath

This blog posts walks you through how to use SharePoint web services anonymously in InfoPath using the Profile Service.

1. Make sure the Secure Store Target App is set "Group Ticket"

2. Enable SharePoint Enterprise site collection and site features.  Create the “Data Connection Library” in the SharePoint site root using the “Add an App” menu option.

3. Edit Data Connections, select the SharePoint web service connection, Convert to Connection File.  Use the path of the Data Connection Library created above.

4. Edit the “Authenication” element of the resulting file:
<udc:Authentication><udc:SSO AppId='ProfileService' CredentialType='NTLM' /></udc:Authentication>

5. Upload the Connection File to the Data Connection Library

6. This Powershell line allows InfoPath to use the App Pool account to access web services:
Set-SPInfoPathFormsService -AllowUdcAuthenticationForDataConnections $true -AllowUserFormCrossDomainDataConnections $true

7. Add the App Pool account to Secure Token Store

To consume this service we need to configure a “Query for data” Action Rule in our InfoPath form.  This query will use our Data Connection.

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