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December 18
A Checklist for Reporting SharePoint Technical Issues

If only our technology and its users could all operate flawlessly!

Until that day arrives, however, at one point or another you’ll probably need to report a technical issue to a SharePoint support team. Regardless of the specific team you use, we all need the same kind of information from you, the user, in order to trouble-shoot what’s gone wrong. The more clearly you can describe your problem, the quicker they can respond and the less you’ll pay for a fix.

Here are some of the basic pieces of information that you should consider including when you describe your incident to a support team:

Your version of SharePoint
O365, SP2016, SP2013, SP2010 all have different features, design structure and functionality. Make sure that any developer picking up a ticket will immediately know what they’re dealing with.

URLs where the issue can be seen
Provide URLs to all sites, web pages or lists and libraries that may be relevant.  

Steps to reproduce the issue
If the issue isn’t immediately viewable at the URL, detail the steps that need to be followed to reveal the issue. 

Browser type and version
If there’s a design or layout issue, knowing the user’s browser specs can be helpful.  

Screenshot of what you’re seeing
What you see is not necessarily what other people will see. If feasible, provide a screenshot of alert messages or layout issues. 

Which users can see the issue… and which can’t
If only some users experience an issue, provide account names so their permissions and account properties can be compared. 

Recent changes to your server farm
If the issue appears shortly after server updates or any other system changes, include the date/time stamp of when they were applied. 

Important deadlines
If you’re trying to meet an important deadline, let support know! If there are times when the site shouldn’t be reset, even for just a few minutes of downtime, let support know that as well. 

Who to reach and where
For emergency issues that may stretch outside of normal working hours, let support know how and when you want to be informed of the outcome.

There’s no one-size-fits-all checklist, but you can’t go wrong using this as a starting point.

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