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October 09
Intranet User Adoption

Intranet User Adoption: SUG Meeting Recap

The SharePoint Users Group hosted an “Intranet Idea Swap” at Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC in September.  Leaders from the nation’s largest non-profit organizations joined the roundtable discussion to focus on intranet user adoption best practices.  Moderated by Jen Miller, Vice President of Professional Services at SusQtech, and Maggie Swearingen, Community Strategist at SusQtech, the meeting covered several ideas and strategies to increase intranet user adoption.

Everyday Activities

To increase user adoption, make the intranet the go-to place for company information.  You can require staff to use the intranet daily to access company documents or perform everyday tasks.   You can even require the staff to set the intranet as their main homepage on their browser.  Documents can include:

  • Expense Reports
  • Vacation Requests
  • Timesheets
  • Human Resources Documents

Employee Onboarding

It is important to get your new staff familiar with the intranet right away.  Make it a part of the employee onboarding process to train them how to use the site and to familiarize them with the company documents.

Creative Site Titles

Many organizations like to create compelling site titles to increase internal interest.  Whether it is related to your organization’s cause or a play on words, it is a great idea to creatively name your intranet.  For example, Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization that educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean, named their intranet the “FINtranet”.  Here at SusQtech, our intranet is called the “SusQnet”.  Some organizations have even made it an internal competition to name the intranet allowing staff members to create names for the site and vote for the winner, making the naming process interactive. 


Launch Events

Creating excitement for the launch of the intranet site can also increase user adoption.  Having a launch countdown and organizing a launch party are examples.  One organization created a scavenger hunt to familiarize employees with the site.  The contest required employees to perform several tasks inside the intranet then notify the contest organizer to complete the scavenger hunt.  Examples of the tasks included:

  • Create discussion in the discussion boards
  • Update a document
  • Create a bio on your profile
  • Upload your profile picture
  • Connect with a colleague

Personalization Employee Spotlight.jpg

Another great way to increase user adoption is to personalize your intranet site.  Posting company news, uploading staff pictures from social

events, creating interactive forms such as lunch menus and polls are all creative ways to interest your users.  This shows that the site is not only a useful resource for company documents and tasks, but also a fun way to interact with co-workers.  Some examples include:

  • Employee spotlight (shown here). This organization features a weekly employee spotlight giving a staff member special recognition.
  • Food truck tracker
  • Lunch menu
  • International clock
  • Weather
  • Company news
  • CEO/President Corner or Blog
  • Staff pictures at social events, conferences, etc.


Last, but certainly not least, training is the single most important task to increase intranet user adoption.  If the staff does not know how to use the site, they simply will not use it.  It is important to train the staff on how to use the intranet.  Whether it is scheduling lunch and learns, creating how-to videos or bringing in a third-party training resource, training your staff regularly is a requirement.  Also, asking for feedback regularly from the staff is important to gauge where improvements need to be made and if more training is needed.  Training suggestions include:

  • Lunch and learns
  • How-to Videos
  • Wiki-based knowledge centers
  • Third party training resource
  • Daily Tips & Tricks
  • Demonstrating a feature of the week

Our next SharePoint Roundtable Discussion will be taking place in Washington, DC in November.  Interested in joining us?  Email us at!

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