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October 14
How Organizations are Utilizing Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence allows organizations to dynamically display external or internal data and provide business stakeholders with essential insights into their organization’s performance. There are several tools that allow you to surface and display that information within SharePoint including Excel Services, Visio Services, Performance Point, PowerPivot, SQL Server Reporting Services and Business Connectivity Services. These BI tools organize unstructured data and display it in a user-friendly, visual way. 

“By displaying data, organizations can visually communicate goals, historical information, results and trends that can help drive decision making,” Terry Simpson, Solution Architect at SusQtech, says. “We are seeing more organizations utilize these tools to display membership information, server utilization, performance results and analytics.”

Organizations use Business Intelligence Tools:

  • To see gauge and react to changes in membership trends at a regional, national and international level.
  • For membership insights and focuses on customer retention through prediction analysis obtain via data mining.
  • For event registration patterns including paid conversion analysis and geocoding to determine miles travelled to events.  
  • To surface web analytics.
  • To surface metrics on their various affiliates and compare performance from one affiliate to the next
  • To report on company objectives, milestones, tasks and general project effectiveness.
  • To track work stream progress towards milestones and objectives that aggregate to an overall project productivity quantification.

Examples of these uses of the BI tools are below.



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