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October 23
5 Steps to Victory Over Manual Processes

​By: Jen Miller | Vice President, SharePoint on Call Services


Yesterday I attended an AIIM sponsored Boot Camp titled “5 Steps to Victory Over Manual Processes” in Washington, DC.   John Mancini, President at AIIM kicked the day off with some fascinating facts around manual processes, including:

  • 60% of organizations are ready to embrace cloud computing
  • 37% do not see data in the cloud as any more vulnerable than on-premise
  • 76% have no mobile access to their ECM systems (AIIM)
  • Only 2.5% of the processes that COULD be mobile are (AIIM)
  • 70% of young professionals have "friended" either their colleagues, manager or both (Cisco)
  • 51% of organizations consider social business to be "imperative" or "significant" (AIIM)
  • 14% of processes that COULD be paper free actually are (AIIM)
  • 79% of organizations have an Information Retention policy, but only 32% enforce it. (AAIM)
  • The amount of information will grow by 44X by 2020 (IDC)

I was also very interested to learn yesterday that was according to AIIM’s surveys the top FIVE business processes that organizations are focusing on to automate are:

1.  Accounts payable

2.  HR processes

3.  Accounts receivable

4.  Procurement processes

5.  Customer service

From there we heard from various event sponsors including two of our partners – Knowledge Lake featuring their scanning and searching solutions for SharePoint as well as Co-Sign by ARX featuring their digital signature product which is the “key to completing the automation process”.

I then shared a great lunch conversation with Laurence Hart, CIO of AIIM, where we discussed the ability to use SharePoint to automate business processes.  It was fun sharing some of SusQtech’s best implementation experiences with Laurence.   After reading Laurence’s blog this morning – I found this statistic enlightening as well – as the Google trends show terms being searched like Content Management, Records Management and Information Management trending downward.  SharePoint as a term is rising steadily.  Laurence points out that this is not implying that concerns in these areas (Records, Content and Information) are going away but that “People are looking at solutions more than simply technology.”

Overall it was a great day spent in DC – thank you to all of the sponsors.  The AIIM Automating Processes Boot Camp coming to other cities soon – check it out (Boot Camp Schedule)!!

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