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January 11
Tips & Tricks: Does SharePoint Keep Prompting You to Login?

​Does SharePoint Keep Prompting You to Login?

When accessing a SharePoint Intranet site for the first time, end users are prompted to enter their log in credentials.  SharePoint will continue to prompt users to log in to access the site and often when opening a document.  To prevent authentication prompts, follow these helpful steps:

  • Open up Internet Explorer settings and add your site to the intranet zone. 
    • Click Internet Options, then click the Security Tab
    • Select Local Intranet, then click Sites
    • Select Advanced and Click Add


If you are still seeing the authentication prompts, reasons can be investigated to see what might be causing the issue.  Some of which are:

  • Disable loopback check
  • Registry issue
  • Authentication provider causing an issue (forms or claims)
  • Proxy server in use and the settings may be causing the issue.
 - Terry Simpson | Solutions Architect

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