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January 14
Free Tool! View Your Site on Any Mobile Device!

​How does your website look on mobile devices?  Is it easy to read and navigate?  Is it accessible on the latest smartphones and tablets? 

Each of these questions are essential to consider for your website. With more people accessing mobile sites over websites, ensuring that your site is dynamically accessible across all mobile platforms is more important than ever. 

Responsive Design techniques can improve your SharePoint site’s mobile experience providing optimal viewing across all web devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, providing easy reading and navigation.

To find out how your website looks on mobile devices from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, check out Kyle Schaeffer’s easy-to-use mobile site tool!

1.  Go to

2.  Enter your website

3.  Select the view (desktop, mobile, tablet) to see your site on specific mobile devices

* You can even rotate the display to see a horizontal view on a tablet or smartphone!



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