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April 08
Dedicated Support Services Program

With our Dedicated Support Services Program, you can benefi­t from having one or more of our SharePoint experts dedicated exclusively to serve your needs for six months or longer, on-site or off-site.  There’s no need to worry about the long delays or high costs associated with recruiting, training or onboarding new staff on your own. Our SharePoint experts have years of practical, hands-on experience working with organizations like yours and are immediately available. Your dedicated SharePoint resource(s) will report directly to you– allowing you to prioritize your SharePoint needs in real time on an ongoing basis for optimum flexibility and efficiency.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of the program. One of our SharePoint experts became a SharePoint Administrator for an organization when they were without a SharePoint resource and needed to fill the gap and train a new employee. Another organization resourced one of our experts as a Technical Lead to work with their internal IT group to assist with their SharePoint 2010 Public Facing Site Implementation.

Our Dedicated Support Service Program provides organizations with access to SusQnet, our 24/7 Customer Support Portal, that displays detailed tracking of all support activity. Whether you need SharePoint administration, issue remediation, custom development or creative design, our Dedicated Support Service Program provides you with the specialized SharePoint resources to assist you exactly where you need it most!

Dedicated Support Services:

  • Administration / System Integration      
  • Custom Development
  • Consulting          
  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Information Architecture            
  • Architecture and Technical Design
  • Customization & Enhancements              
  • System Testing and Issue Remediation
  • Business Intelligence     
  • Content Management
  • Creative Design
  • SharePoint Upgrade Assistance

If would you like learn more about the program or to discuss pricing, contact us at or 540.450.1780.

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