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July 01
Tips & Tricks: PDF Prompt to Save in SharePoint

​When opening a PDF on many SharePoint sites you will get a prompt that will ask you to save the document before you open it.  For end users this can be very confusing and frustrating since they just want to see the PDF.  End users are forced to save it to their local machine.  Navigate to that location and then open it.  The other behavior that is discouraging is that it encourages SharePoint users to save files locally on their machine.

You can resolve this setting in the Web Application General Settings area.  The setting is contained within the Browser File Handling section of the settings.  Make sure the value is set to Permissive instead of Strict.  This will help with user adoption and get information to the needed end users quickly.  Also make sure to install the PDF iFilter so that the PDF logo will show up along with the search experience being enhanced.

-Terry Simpson, Solution Architect

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