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December 20
The SharePoint Bright Spots

I was recently rereading the book Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath during a flight to Dallas, TX and something popped off the page at me and made me think about the roll out of many corporate intranets across the country.

In the book Chip and Dan talk about a mission in Vietnam to help malnutrition children with basically no budget (you may have read this yourself).  This man quickly decided that instead of focusing on the children that so desperately needed help first (which would have been my first reaction), that he would focus on what was working for a the few children in the area that were thriving (the Bright Spots).  He approached the problem from a completely unexpected angle, and better yet – it worked!!  The differences between the malnourished child and the thriving child were pretty basic. He was able to take what he learned about the thriving children and apply those principles to the malnourished children.  These were small, unexpected, inexpensive changes that made a huge impact.

As I read this I saw a clear connection. We’re always focusing on what’s wrong – the people who aren’t doing something – and we wonder why. Why aren’t we focused on the bright spots? In every organization there are users adopting and intranet site -- they are using the site and benefiting from using it.  What are the small changes have worked made for them? And then use that information to educate the non-users.  That almost makes too much sense.

So instead of hammering a “non-user” about why they don’t use it, or even before you invest a bunch of time and money into more training (if they aren’t using it they must need training, right?) talk to the people who are making the change and using the system (the SharePoint Bright Spots).  Find out how they use it – maybe there is a trick that they found helpful that you haven’t thought of yet and taking a few minutes to share that insight could create more converted users.

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