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February 07
Solution for .XSLX files Prompting for User Login

In Protiviti's SharePoint Managed Services group we troubleshoot and resolve many issues on a regular basis.  One issue that recently has been popping up with external facing SharePoint sites is Anonymous users being prompted when opening Excel files with the extension of .XSLX. 

An easy end user resolution for this is to modify the individual library permissions by breaking permission inheritance at the list level and revalidating anonymous access in that library. 

The end user errors that were reported and listed by Microsoft support in article consist of; "Operation in Progress", and then receive an error "Excel Web Access An error has Occurred." And "Access Denied." However, some of our clients didn’t get any of those errors; instead they received a login prompt when trying to access the Excel document.

All of the errors that were occurring though revolved around the same cause and solution.  The cause being that the publishing site has the “View Form Pages Lock Down” feature enabled.  This feature is defaulted “ON” in publishing portal sites.  This feature inherently affects many other aspects of the public facing SharePoint site as well such as blogs, surveys, item security, etc. so proceed with caution and verify all implications before choosing to turn off this feature. 

The initial resolution offered above and referenced in the Microsoft article worked effectively for this issue however, governance and security are high priority items to consider when implementing any of the resolutions offered for this issue.  

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