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Client Case Studies

Freeborn & Peters LLP

OBJECTIVE: Freeborn & Peters LLP decided to develop an intranet that enabled “open and honest communication and cooperation” among its attorneys and staff, an objective that was enshrined in its Core Values through the principle of Teamwork.  The firm wanted a new intranet that would allow employees to share the most up-to-date information readily and easily, and to simplify the search for everyday administrative data.

SOLUTION: Freeborn & Peters LLP chose the SharePoint 2010 platform because of its seamless integration with other Microsoft products.  The firm selected Protiviti to support the implementation because of Protiviti’s depth and breadth of experience.

The new SharePoint 2010 Intranet Site is called “TheCore”, a name selected through an internal competition.  TheCore includes many features, including as “Firm Alerts and Updates”, practice group and industry-oriented Team Sites, business development resources, an “Employee Toolbox” for a range of HR-related functions, and a “What’s Happening” calendar. 

The “Town Hall” feature provides a virtual location to communicate new policies, procedures and general updates on the Firm. “It is hard to bring 250 attorneys and staff together at once for a meeting,” Ian Turvill, the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer, said. “So we use the Town Hall to communicate updates in one place, and people can refer to them whenever they have time.”

RESULTS: “We have received very positive feedback so far,” Turvill said.  “Our previous Intranet was mostly static, and information was difficult and cumbersome to update. With our new Intranet, important content is now being added and updated two to three times a week – sometimes much more – so it’s been a very positive improvement.”

TheCore has also increased the firm’s social media activity.  “Our ‘Social Media Two-Step’ approach allows our attorneys to share articles and press releases through social media,” Turvill said.  “We promote important articles and releases through the front page of TheCore.  When our lawyers see something they would like to share, they can quickly jump to its location on our external website.  From there, they can click on social media buttons to distribute across their personal networks. So, Protiviti’s assistance in an internal site has helped us greatly expand our external marketing presence.”

WHY PROTIVITI: Protiviti was recommended to Freeborn & Peters by a former colleague. “Protiviti’s SharePoint team set a tone for the design and implementation that very closely mirrored our own expectations,” Tommette Houlden, Freeborn’s Marketing Technology Specialist said. “It was important to us that SharePoint did not look like the ‘out-the-box’ implementation, but instead present a fresh new face. We wanted it to ‘sparkle’. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Protiviti team, we achieved the SharePoint implementation we envisioned.”

ABOUT FREEBORN & PETERS LLP: Freeborn & Peters LLP is a full-service law firm headquartered in Chicago, with international capabilities. While the firm serves clients across a broad range of sectors, it has also pioneered an interdisciplinary approach that serves the specific needs of targeted industries, including food, transportation, and insurance and reinsurance. Freeborn is a firm that genuinely lives up to its core values of integrity, caring, effectiveness, teamwork, and commitment, and embodies them through high standards of client service and responsive action. For more information, please visit


American Industrial Hygiene Association

OBJECTIVE: The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) needed to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 site to SharePoint 2010 to enrich the user interface and improve member collaboration. AIHA also looked to improve their mobile site for a more user-friendly experience across all mobile platforms including tablets and smartphones. 

SOLUTION: After partnering with Protiviti in 2009 for their SharePoint 2007 site implementation, AIHA looked to Protiviti again in 2012 for their SharePoint 2010 upgrade and design implementation. The SharePoint 2010 site upgrade, which included AIHA’s six subsites, was launched in May 2013. “It was very important to us that our site and sister sites were upgraded and migrated to SharePoint 2010 without the public noticing any issues,” Jim Myers, Senior Technology Manager at AIHA, said.

In order to achieve a more user-friendly mobile site experience, Protiviti’s mobile design experts implemented Responsive Design, a web design strategy in which a site is implemented to provide an optimal viewing experience across all web devices, providing easy reading and navigation. “The Responsive Design works really well for our mobile sites,” Myers said. “Protiviti was able to help us understand how the design and content ‘respond’ across the different platforms.”

Since members gain secure access to the site through authentication with AIHA’s CRM solution, they are able to update member-only content and profile information. AIHA intends to further develop the site leveraging SharePoint 2010’s community features to support member communication and collaboration.

RESULTS: “Protiviti was successful in achieving our main objective of upgrading and migrating our sites to 2010 without the public noticing any issues,” Myers said. “We are very happy with the upgrade, design and responsive design implementation.”  The new AIHA site has received great feedback regarding its new, “cleaner-looking” design. “Our users are very happy with the new site mapping and navigation. We are receiving a lot of great comments,” Myers said.

WHY PROTIVITI: Protiviti was recommended to the AIHA by another association at the Digital Now Conference in 2009. “Protiviti’s personnel is fantastic. We are very happy with our experience working with them,” Myers said. “Our Project Manager was very hands-on, accessible and flexible with our needs. She really stepped up to the plate!” 

ABOUT AIHA: The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) is one of the largest international associations serving the needs of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals practicing industrial hygiene in industry, government, labor, academic institutions, and independent organizations.

Northern Health

After upgrading their intranet to SharePoint 2010 using the Database Attach Method, Northern Health
needed to update many outdated documents and improve their inconsistent intranet design.  “We conducted an internal analysis and results showed that our documentation and content was old and stale and our design was very inconsistent,” Bill McCloskey explained. “No one knew where anything was.”

In addition, Northern Health needed a support network to assist them with many longstanding issues.  “We needed an accessible support service that provided us with a knowledgeable resource to call when we needed assistance,” McCloskey said.

SOLUTION: Northern Health looked to Protiviti to improve their SharePoint 2010 intranet’s user experience restoring the information architecture, design and functionality.   

Protiviti’s SharePoint on Call team performed an Architecture Audit to identify environmental issues. “The Architecture Audit identified many longstanding issues we’d been having. Our Account Manager was able to provide great recommendations and spoke to us in a way we could understand.”

RESULTS: As a result of the Server Audit, Protiviti’s SharePoint on Call team was able to detect many issues within Northern Health’s environment to improve their site’s functionality. 

While Northern Health’s SharePoint 2010 Intranet Project is scheduled to launch later this year, their site has been receiving great feedback. “The project team has liked what they’ve seen so far.  Protiviti has made the design very consistent allowing our employees to find important documents easier.”

WHY PROTIVITI:  Protiviti’s credibility is very high,” McCloskey said.  “The support ticketing process is very streamlined and transparent and their team is very easy to work with.  They are great at what they do. We are very happy with their services.”

ABOUT NORTHERN HEALTH: Northern Health provides health services to 300,000 people over an area of 600,000 square kilometers in the province of British Columbia, Canada

National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists


OBJECTIVE: The National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) needed to upgrade their existing website from an open source technology to an Enterprise Content Management platform (SharePoint 2010) in order to allow them to manage and deliver content more easily to users. The NBCRNA also sought a more informative, user-friendly website design and mobile experience to best represent NBCRNA’s new brand.

SOLUTION: The NBCRNA began working with Protiviti in 2011 to implement a new public facing website and mobile site on the SharePoint 2010 platform to reflect the creative design vision of the new brand. As part of the Information Architecture process, Protiviti helped NBCRNA examine the current content and taxonomy, and from there, deliver a clean, professional and cohesive web design.

“Our previous site was very clean and organized, but the homepage was neither informative nor memorable. For the new site, we incorporated an image rotator, announcement section, roll-up for our new e-newsletter, an Airways blog and social media feed,” Danielle Burian, Project Manager at the NBCRNA said.

It was also critical to the NBCRNA that the newly designed website was mobile accessible.  Protiviti worked collaboratively with the NBCRNA to implement a Responsive Design strategy that provides both tablet and mobile views of the website. This ensures that users can always stay connected to the NBCRNA and any key industry information.

RESULTS: “The new site design allows us to have more information on our site, while simplifying navigation for the end user” Burian said. “We have been receiving calls and emails that start with ‘I just love your new website!’”  In addition, the NBCRNA has seen an increase in traffic and activity on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts due to the direct social feed that displays on their new homepage.

The new mobile site has allowed the NBCRNA to deliver information to users on any mobile device at any time. “Because nurse anesthetists are busy and always on the go, Responsive Design allowed us to meet the needs of our market. All the content and features are available on any device and as an added bonus, there is no additional work to maintain it,” Burian said.

WHY PROTIVITI: “This was our third project with Protiviti over the course of a year. It’s easy to choose an organization that you consistently receive great results from,” Burian explained. “From the account manager, to the project manager, to the developer, to the SharePoint on Call team, it’s nice knowing that you have a responsive and knowledgeable team supporting you throughout the project.”

ABOUT NBCRNA: The National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) is the credentialing body for certified individuals delivering nurse anesthesia services. The mission of the NBCRNA is to promote patient safety through credentialing programs that support lifelong learning.

Ocean Conservancy


OBJECTIVE: Ocean Conservancy wished to significantly improve their ability to communicate and collaborate with their nationwide offices. Their SharePoint 2007 intranet site was not being utilized and Ocean Conservancy staff was still using shared drives and emails for file storage and collaboration. The Ocean Conservancy recognized a clear business requirement to share information more effectively.

SOLUTION: Ocean Conservancy chose to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 intranet site to SharePoint 2010 and decided to call their new site the “FINtranet”. “Since we already had SharePoint 2007, we decided to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 to provide a more collaborative user experience and easier file storage,” explained Sarah Ahrens, Ocean Conservancy’s Community Engagement Specialist. “Our strategy has been to conduct a slow launch to promote user adoption and effectively train our content authors on SharePoint 2010.”

RESULT: Protiviti’s creative and user experience teams worked closely with Ocean Conservancy before the actual upgrade to put a much more user-centric design in place and to improve the information architecture of FINtranet to ensure a dramatic increase in user adoption. “We have received positive feedback from our staff regarding the new FINtranet,” Ahrens said. “It is great to use the announcement, calendar and meeting workspace site functions to better collaborate with our other offices.”

WHY PROTIVITI? Protiviti focuses on enabling nonprofits to take advantage of the benefits of SharePoint and was recommended to Ocean Conservancy by one of its longtime partners, Delcor Technology Solutions.

ABOUT OCEAN CONSERVANCY: Ocean Conservancy educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean. From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to the halls of Congress, Ocean Conservancy brings people together to find solutions for our water planet.


American Bankers Association​


ABA Screen Shot.jpgOBJECTIVE: The American Bankers Association (ABA) wished to upgrade their existing MCMS website and create a more collaborative and intuitive site experience for their members and nonmembers.

SOLUTION: ABA learned about the potential benefits of an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 while attending the SharePoint Conference .ORG event in 2011. ABA decided to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 in order to dramatically improve site activity and to add structure to ABA’s existing content and thousands of documents.  “Our biggest challenge is that we have so much content,” explained Christie Speer, Senior Vice President of Internet Services at ABA.  “SharePoint 2010 allows us to organize and integrate both web content and static documents and dynamically display information.”

RESULT: Protiviti assisted ABA with their SharePoint 2010 upgrade, design implementation and integration with a customized system to manage their 75,000+ registered members. 

WHY PROTIVITI?Protiviti is not only technically strong, but knows the Association world and what Associations need,” said Speer.

ABOUT ABA: Founded in 1875, the American Bankers Association represents banks of all sizes and charters and is the voice for the nation's $13 trillion banking industry and its 2 million employees.


American Osteopathic Association


OBJECTIVE: The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) needed to update and merge its two websites for the public and members to enable staff to more efficiently update the content and members to more easily access information most important to them.

SOLUTION: Because AOA represents more than 78,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) in the U.S., it was important for their members and staff to stay connected, collaborate efficiently and maintain an easily accessible website. AOA chose Protiviti and the SharePoint 2010 platform to improve the value provided to their members.

RESULT: As a result, the viewership of their website,, surpassed the two previous sites combined and, specifically, site traffic to the newly built section for the Annual Meeting increased exponentially. “Once we released the new site built on SharePoint 2010, the Annual Meeting section of the site became one of the most visited parts of our website, even sometimes exceeding the popular ‘Find a DO’ feature,” Brooke Johnson, Web Content Manager explained.

WHY PROTIVITI? AOA considers Protiviti a valuable partner that understands not only SharePoint technology, but also the needs of both AOA staff and AOA members.

ABOUT AOA: Serving as the professional family for more than 100,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) and osteopathic medical students, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) promotes public health and encourages scientific research.


The Wallace Foundation


OBJECTIVE: The Wallace Foundation, a national philanthropy that seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children by sharing effective ideas and practices, needed to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 website to SharePoint 2010 to improve collaboration and make their publications more accessible. 

SOLUTION: The Wallace Foundation partnered with Protiviti for the SharePoint 2010 upgrade that included an entire infrastructure refresh and website re-design for  In order to make more than 200 publications easily accessible in the Wallace Knowledge Center, Wallace leveraged SharePoint 2010 to deliver a broad array of information to all who visit the site.  Wallace also used SharePoint for password- protected communities built specifically for collaboration among grantees. 

RESULT: As a result, collaboration greatly improved and the site owners were able to easily manage website content.  “Now, we use MicroSites within the SharePoint 2010 platform to collaborate with grantees,” Erik Williams, Information Technology Manager explained.  “SharePoint 2010 allows us to handle a lot of the site editing in-house without having to budget for an outsourced solution.”

WHY PROTIVITI? The Wallace Foundation looked to Protiviti, the leading provider of SharePoint solutions to associations and nonprofits, to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 website to SharePoint 2010. With Wallace’s commitment to knowledge-sharing, choosing Protiviti and the SharePoint 2010 was an easy decision for two reasons: communication and collaboration. 

ABOUT THE WALLACE FOUNDATION:  Based in New York City, The Wallace Foundation is a national philanthropy that seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children.



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