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CoSign by Arx


The CoSign Connector for SharePoint is the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with SharePoint. Adding digital signatures to SharePoint keeps approval-based workflows electronic from start to finish, streamlining processes while saving time and money.

  • Easily sign, verify, approve, accept and audit documents, list items and records that are centrally located on the SharePoint server via a web browser, without installing any software on the client machine.
  • Add digital signatures to all major document types including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and InfoPath.
  • Digitally sign SharePoint documents via desktop, laptop, web browser and mobile devices.
  • Comply with regulations worldwide, meeting the needs of organizations in even the most tightly-regulated industries.
  • SharePoint Designer can be used to add digital signatures to workflows.
  • Works with third-party SharePoint workflow solution Nintex Workflow.


See It In Action!

See CoSign Digital Signatures for SharePoint in a recorded demo here or request a live demo.

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