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Concept Searching

ConceptClassifier for SharePoint provides a complete solution to manage unstructured and semi-structured data regardless of where it resides. Utilizing its unique compound term processing technology, conceptClassifier for SharePoint is the only enterprise automatic semantic metadata generation and taxonomy management solution that natively integrates with SharePoint and solves a variety of business challenges through its concept identification capabilities.

ConceptClassifier allows you to:

  • Tag content across the enterprise with conceptual metadata leveraging valuable legacy data.
  • Classify consistent meaningful conceptual metadata to enterprise content, preventing incorrect meta tagging.
  • Migrate tagged and classified content intelligently to locations both within and outside of SharePoint.
  • Retrieve precise information from across the enterprise when and how it is needed.
  • Protect sensitive information from exposure with intelligent tagging.
  • Preserve information in accordance with records guidelines by identifying documents of record and eliminating inconsistent end user tagging

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