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Easy to Create. Easy to Remember URLs for SharePoint 2010

If you're using SharePoint, then you know the impact of strong information architecture on the overall effectiveness of your SharePoint site. The hierarchy of your sites is critical for things like security and permissions, governance, navigation and general usability. However, the bigger the hierarchy the longer the URL and if you have a large site with lots of depth your URLs can get rather unruly. SP URL Manager from Protiviti allows you to preserve the IA you worked hard to create while creating short vanity URLs that are easy to remember and get people to what they need quickly.

Here's a quick example, say your IT team has just finished the migration plan for Office 365 and want to share it with everyone before the cutover next week. On your SharePoint intranet site that migration page is located in the Pages Library on the Office365 team site, located under the Application Services Groups site, located under the IT Department site which is located under the main Administration site of your intranet. Using SP URL Manager for SharePoint 2010 you could create a short easy to remember URL to use in staff communications, printed materials, etc.


SP URL Manager Overview

SP URL Manager can be installed quickly, by any SharePoint site administrator and activated on any or all of SharePoint sites in the farm. Once installed, the SP URL Manager tool can be accessed by content authors from any SharePoint document or webpage via the ribbon. The tool is context aware which makes adding and editing URL's for the current SharePoint item a breeze. Watch a quick the video below to see it in action.




SP URL Manager Product Pricing

A valid SP URL Manager license is required for each Web Front End (WFE) in the farm where it will be used. The cost for each license is $499 (US). If you have any questions on licensing SP URL Manager please contact a product specialist at 1.888.603.0304.

SP URL Manager Software Assurance

We are constantly enhancing and improving the SP URL Manager product and release updates on a regular basis. In order to receive these updates and to submit product support and enhancement requests you should purchase Software Assurance for your SP URL Manager licenses. The price of Software Assurance for SP URL Manager is $99.00 per year


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of URLs that can be created with SP URL Manager?
There is no technical limit to the number of URLs that can be used with SP URL manager. However, for performance reasons we would recommend trying to keep this under 5,000 URLs.

What type of redirects does SP URL Manager utilize?
SP URL Manager allows you to choose between temporary (302) and permanent (301) redirects when creating your vanity URLs.

Can I use SP URL Manager for SharePoint internet Sites?
Yes. SP URL Manager was designed to work both inside and outside the firewall.

Can I see how my URLs perform in Google Analytics?
Yes. You can easily integrate Google Analytics with SP URL Manager. Detailed steps are provided in the User's Guide and in the video below.




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