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Does your organization have manual, complex business processes that if automated would increase productivity and save valuable time and money? Protiviti's On-Demand Support Team can provide you with a dedicated Expert that can assess your processes and guide you and your organization on the right path to business process automation.

Our Protiviti On-Demand Team has automated business processes from simple Vacation Requests and On-Boarding Procedures to complex processes such as Vendor Compliance Management and Policy and Procedure Reviews. We have helped hundreds of organizations increase sustainability, simplify the workplace and maximize compliance efforts. 

Whether you are seeking to automate your business processes with Microsoft SharePoint out-of-the-box or researching third party tools, like Nintex, to ease the process, Protiviti’s On-Demand Support team of Technical Experts can assist your organization every step of the way.

Automation Improvement by the Numbers:

5,000 Vendors Managed: The Protiviti On-Demand Support team implemented Nintex Workflow & Forms for an award-winning construction company to track over 5,000 vendors across hundreds of multi-billion dollar construction projects.

Protiviti created a Project Vendor Rating Solution using Nintex that eliminated a significant number of excel spreadsheets and emails that were manually being tracked and uploaded into a database.  We quickly analyzed the current processes, spreadsheets, and data that were being used and then designed, developed and implemented forms and workflows in SharePoint to build an efficient automated responsive monthly process that provided Vendor Compliance and Control. By using a scheduled workflow, each project manager receives an email on the 20th of each month with a link taking them to a console where they have a list of their projects and vendors associated with the projects which they can easily rate and provide vendor compliance feedback.

Results have shown this solution has reduced project administrative time by 20% to complete and consolidate this requirement for vendor compliance and performance tracking across the organization.

3,000 Employees Paid Time Off Requests Automated: A Global Apparel Company needed to automate their Paid Time Off Process for their 3,000 domestic and international employees.

The Protiviti On-Demand Team automated this extensive process for the client that performs various administrative functions such as permissions on the PTO records, daily accrual of PTO, PTO balance modifications when a user is hired/terminated, daily updates of user information that could affect the accrual balance (Seniority Date and job position) and yearly balance carryover calculations.


100 Committees Connected: The Protiviti On-Demand Team automated a Task routing process across 100 different committees for a Non-Profit Organization.

Each committee has long-term tasks called “Charge” that need to have documentation review and approvals between various assignees and committee participants. This process must also be secured to the submitter, assignee and participants. Using multiple workflows, the automated process secures, routes, notifies and tracks each “Charge” status and related details and documentation. Additionally, we developed a committee “charge” project summary that provides status details such as overdue items, related documents and items which are overdue.

This resulted in this organization reducing administrative tracking and processing time while having an automated current Committee “Charge” status across all 100 committees.

4 Departments in 6 Countries Integrated: A Manufacturing Company needed to automate a manual business process across 4 departments in 6 countries involving a single spreadsheet which contained manufactured and purchased parts data that needed to be added to the ERP system. Using Nintex Forms and Workflows for Office 365 we were able to automate this into one workflow and seven Task Forms.

This resulted in an 85% reduction of incomplete and inaccurate part entries data into their ERP system and a more seamless process which increased productivity from each department involved. Additionally, the design provided an automated approval process that includes user and department information which is leveraged when the Accounting Department needs to contact someone in reference to the purchased parts data received.

600 Policies & Procedures Review Process Automated: The Protiviti On-Demand Support Team implemented an Effectiveness Review and Approval Process of over 600 Policies and Procedures for a world-wide finance company.

By automating this manual process using workflows and forms, it has allowed for the centralized creation, organization and management of the complete life cycle of policies and procedures. These results have enabled auditing for regulatory compliance as it relates to a comprehensive and effective policy management framework. 


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