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Responsive Design


Nobody knows SharePoint like Protiviti. Our SharePoint design experts are working every day to ensure that our client sites are dynamically accessible across all mobile platforms, including tablets and smartphones.  

Let our team of mobile design experts evaluate how the latest Responsive Design techniques can improve your SharePoint site’s mobile experience– and jumpstart your mobile site implementation.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is a web design strategy in which a site is implemented to provide an optimal viewing experience across all web devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, providing easy reading and navigation. A site designed with Responsive Design uses CSS media queries and JavaScript to adapt the layout to the viewing platforms, most commonly based on the width of the browser.

What You Get:

Step 1: Mobile Experience Assessment

  • We’ll assess your current mobile site appearance and usability across mobile platforms

  • We’ll provide concrete recommendations for prioritizing your content for both tablet and smartphone views

Step 2: Responsive Design Quick Start

  • We’ll develop detailed wireframes that lay out your homepage and one other key page in 3 different formats (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone)

  • We’ll provide you with recommendations that highlight necessary adjustments for all views

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