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Web Hosting


April 11 - April 13 - SharePoint 2010 For Power Users - Winchester VA


Mike McManus

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Things I liked about the class:

Virtual Private Server is best for you if you have just started your business and if the traffic is very less because it’s typically great for the startups. It is also preferred for medium-sized business. It effectively fills the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting.

It has its own operating space, disc space, and bandwidth. You also do not need to spend any huge amount to buy the hardware or building a data center because your provider will be fully responsible to manage your shared server. A VPS is actually more secure than the shared hosting where thousands of websites are hosted on the single server and all of these users have access over the same server.

VPS also allocates more resources to your site and can be scaled up to add more resources whenever it is required. It also gives you the flexibility to install any software that your site needs, you are not at all restricted to not to install any software. It is quite stable and offers many consistent services and it will allow the webmaster to have access to the root level of the hosting server. It gives you the maximum uptime to keep your grow and running 24*7. VPS web hosting is typically one of the newer forms of Cloud server hosting that has gained the popularity recently. It’s actually the one which is partitioned so that it is having its own bandwidth, disc space, and operating system.

Things I would change about the class:

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