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Why SharePoint Academy?

SharePoint Academy was created as a result of demand from our SharePoint Consulting and Support Clients.  These Clients recognized the need for consistent and ongoing SharePoint training, both to further enable existing staff and educate new staff members. 

What began as training designed for established Protiviti Clients quickly grew into a broader focus on the rapidly growing SharePoint user community.  Rather than delivering “standard “curriculum available for purchase, we leveraged years of experience collaborating with Clients to develop curriculum focused on useful case studies and lab exercises that would enable business users, power users, designers and technical staff.  Our main focus is to provide education that can be immediately applied by SharePoint users in their individual SharePoint environment. 

Our focus on education led to the development of additional SharePoint events and conferences which we have hosted for the last seven consecutive years.  As the adoption of SharePoint expanded in the market, the need for SharePoint education expanded as well, so we began our 30 on Thursdays and SharePoint Roundtables to promote community and continued learning.  In 2014 alone we are expecting to host over 40 in person Roundtables in cities all over North America as well as 25 “30 on Thursday” events.

Our Methodology:

Our methodology is simple; enable our Clients to maximize their SharePoint investment by empowering their staff members.  Our instructors are some of the best in the industry and are all SharePoint consultants that offer years of experience helping Clients to best leverage SharePoint.  Our unique value lies in expertise developed over 12 years focused exclusively on SharePoint and helping each individual to understand how the benefits of SharePoint can be applied in their position, from business users to designers and developers. 

Our Experience:

Over the last decade Protiviti SharePoint Academy has trained hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to use SharePoint more effectively.  Our Clients include corporations, associations, nonprofits, higher education institutions, various branches of the U.S. Military and local, state, and federal government entities.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to organizations with less than 50 employees.  With some larger organizations, we have delivered Train the Trainer curriculum to select staff so that they could pass knowledge on to their colleagues.  We have also delivered recurring training engagements that have spanned multiple years and over 50 Client locations. 

Our Locations:

With offices in over 35 markets across North America and over 50 around the world, Protiviti’s extensive local presence provides our Clients the opportunity to work with experienced SharePoint experts in person to accelerate the learning process.  Local markets include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, and Toronto.  For a complete list of our offices please click here​.

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